Finally! Eye Shadow that Does Not Settle into Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Viceart Neutral Basic 01-Matte Eye Shadow Available at for about $80.

Viseart Neutral Basic 01-Matte Eye Shadow
Available at for about $80.

Forget Urban Decay’s NAKED palette.  Viseart’s Basic Neutral 01-Matte palette is the best neutral eye shadow on the market, period.  It is especially suited for women over 50 because it is very blendable and does not settle into nooks & crannies!

Why it’s good for the 50+ woman:  The Neutral 01-Matte palette contains no shimmer, sparkle, or glitter to settle into fine lines and creases, and there is no shadow “fallout”.  The outer corner of my lid is textured like crepe paper and this shadow never “settles” in the nooks and crannies.

Uses:  All skin tones.  This palette looks good on EVERYONE, from the palest to the deepest tones.  Its beige, taupe, brown, grey, and peach tones are universally flattering.  This shadow also has multiple uses:  all colors can be used as eye liner,  brown tones can be used to fill in brows, black and deep terracotta tones can even be used in your hair to cover  “roots”.

Ease of application: There is virtually no fallout.  This stuff STAYS WHERE YOU PUT IT.  Although it is heavily pigmented and stays put all day, it blends easier than any shadow I’ve ever tried.  If you don’t have lots of experience applying shadow or are challenged by the “smokey eye”, you should try this palette.  Because it is so forgiving and blends like a dream, I am finally able to rock  “smokey eye” and experiment with colors outside my taupe-hued comfort zone.

Texture:  Smooth and buttery.  Although this is powdered shadow, it goes on with a very creamy feel.  It glides over the eye and doesn’t look thick or caked on.

Finish:  Rich matte.  No sparkle, shimmer, glitter, or twinkle to bring negative attention to crows feet and crepe-iness.

Value:  For most of us $80 is a huge makeup investment.  I buy $0.99 brushes from Target, so I get it.  There aren’t many people willing to pay $80 for eye shadow, but the results are worth every penny!  It is heavily pigmented, so a little goes a very long way.  My palette is in the photo.  I’ve been using it for about 2 months and haven’t made a dent in the taupe and grey colors I use every day.

Viceart  is professional quality shadow that is easy to use and delivers great results.  I strongly recommend this product.  Post a comment and share your knowledge of Viceart eye shadow with other beyond50beauties.


Disclaimer:  The products discussed on this website are purchased by me.  I am not compensated by any person or company, and the opinions expressed above are my own.

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