St. Patrick’s Day Makeup

St. Patrick’s Day is near and some of you will be wearing the green.  Here are a two ways to incorporate green into your makeup look without being too matchy-matchy (assuming that you’ll be wearing something green) or looking like a crazy person.  After all, the goal is to be festive and attractive.

The easiest way to incorporate green into your makeup look is to wear green eye shadow.  Here are a couple of rules:

  1. The paler the skin, the paler shade of green
    • Fair to light skin tones should stick with mint and celery shades
    • Medium and deep skin tones should use richer shades in the emerald or evergreen family
  2. Use a light hand.  A little goes a LONG way, so start with a pop of green on an otherwise neutral/skin tone eye.  You might find that a little is just enough.  Use green shadow:
    • Just on the lid, or
    • Just in the crease
    • "Hancock" Premiere - Arrivals
  3. Shimmer is ok
    • Since you aren’t wearing color all over the eye, a bit of shimmer is ok.  NOT GLITTER, ladies— shimmer.
    • This is especially flattering on deeper skin tones.  A deep, rich and shimmery emerald can be exceptionally beautiful on a very deep skin tone.
    • On fair or light skin tones, emerald shades can be used if a high-glamour or vamp look is desired, but it can be tricky, so you might want to stick with hues of mint or celery.  If you aren’t very skilled at blending, the look can be harsh, aging, and unflattering.
    • If your eyes are very crepe-y, you might want to restrict the shimmer to the lid.
  4. Skip green shadow altogether and pop it on the upper or lower lash line (not both!)  Here are two of the easiest ways to incorporate green into your St. Patrick’s Day makeup look:
    • Start with a neutral eye (taupe, brown, skin tones), then
    • Use green eyeliner on the upper lash line (experiment with a cat-eye, if you can  carry it off), or
    • Use a green pencil on the water line (inner lower lid).
    • The model is wearing a bold version of the look.  The mature woman might want to soften the look by blurring the line with a clean brush (or q-tip)


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



    1. Thank you Marvis!

      I am glad that you are a member of the B50B community. I hope that we can share tips, tricks, and ideas about beauty and style that are related to our concerns.

      The journey will be fun!


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