Month: April 2014

Spring Makeup Trends- Interpreted for the 50+ Woman

Spring 2014 makeup trends for the 50+ woman are generally in line with those seen in this season’s fashion magazines.  For the first time in years, makeup trends of the season are consistent with general makeup application rules for the mature woman:

  • Flawless skin
  • A flush of color on the eyes and cheeks
  • Natural and electric orange lips (YES WE CAN!)

Flawless Skin



Flawless skin means even-toned skin.  As discussed in 2014 Academy Award Looks for the Mature Woman, the focus is on skin clarity, not the texture.  If you are very wrinkled, focus on evening out the tone–creating the clean canvas. The most foolproof method of evening out skin tone is by using a tinted moisturizer.  It is typically sheer and doesn’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles.  Because tinted moisturizer is sheer, color-matching is not typically an issue.

Flush of Color

Crème blush can provide you with a very natural looking flush.  One of the reasons that the model pictured above is so effective is because she appears to not be wearing makeup.  That’s mainly due to the light hand used to apply a crème blush.  Creme blush is also less likely to settle into fine lines and wrinkles.

TIP:  To avoid placing the blush too low on your cheek,  do not smile when applying blush.  As we age, the “resting position” of the apple of the cheek falls.  If the apple of your cheek falls at or below your nostril, do not smile when applying blush.  Apply it to the cheekbone when the face is at rest and blend it (very slightly) into the apple.


Natural and Electric Orange Lips (Yes we CAN!!)

Clean face with just coral lip color

Clean face with just coral lip color

For a natural look, select a lip shade that is two shades darker than the natural color of your lips.  If your lips are darker, this might mean a deep (but sheer) mauve tone.  Not everyone can wear a nude/taupe-colored lip.  If wearing a lip color too close to that of the rest of your face makes you appear sickly, opt for a tone two shades darker than your naked lip. Remember:  Although a nude lip is fashionable, it is not an easy look to pull off.  Looking good is ALWAYS in style, so go with a tone that works for YOU!  One that makes you look and FEEL good.

The electric orange lip is everywhere.  Don’t be intimidated.  The “orange” lip is just the classic coral lip revisited! Because coral is a universally flattering color, it looks good on almost everyone.  The browner your skin tone, the deeper you can go.  Paler tones might want to stick within the salmon family. If you’ve been rockin’ that coral lip for ages, amp it up by going a shade or two in either direction.

BH’s $11 lip palette is an economical way to try out the trend.  Their 66 color lip gloss palette contains almost 10 shades of the season.  The title says “gloss”, but they are more like cream lipsticks.  This palette offers LOTS of bang for the buck.  If coral shades aren’t for you, there are 50 more traditional colors ranging from neutral to red shades.

The Bottom Line

The clean and simple style of makeup that is perfect for the 50+ woman is the height of fashion this spring.  Put your fresh face forward!

Have fun!